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Beautiful looking, finely shaped and finished Synthetic Diamonds, Synthetic Cvd Diamond, HPHT Diamond, CVD Diamond, Artificial Diamonds are all what we serve!
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About Us

Since ages, man is being judiciously making use of faculties of reason and logic to meet the scarcity of naturally occurring products. Science and technology are two things benefits of which are clearly seen in invention of man-made items which are working as replicas to depleting naturally occurring products. In the line of many breakthrough inventions which have benefited mankind, the name of Synthetic Diamonds is also considered. Across the boundaries, Shree Ram Impex is working as a medium to source this breakthrough discovery of man with perfection since the year 2010.

The similarity between crystal and chemical structure of the offered line which includes Synthetic Diamond, Synthetic Cvd Diamond, CVD Diamond, HPHT Diamond and Lab Grown Diamond with natural diamonds, increases its value and market appeal. We as a reliable manufacturer & supplier, contributing our bit in meeting the huge demand of artificially made diamonds by adopting innovative production techniques. With each passing year, we are spreading our wings in every nook and corner of the diverse markets by establishing business networks. Working as a Synthetic Diamond Supplier hasn't been tough to us as we understand nature, behavior and structure of artificially made diamonds, exceptionally well.

History of Synthetic Diamonds

There were years when the only way to source diamonds was to dig inside the earth. Scarcity of natural diamonds which are produced through geological process and high levels of difficulties in mining these, have led to the invention of Laboratory made diamonds which possess similar characteristics and everlasting beauty of naturally occurring diamonds. In the year 1797, scientists discovered that diamonds are composed of 100% pure carbon.

After this discovery, several attempts were made by many scientists in a laboratory setting but due to incapability to control the pressure of heat in transforming carbon into beauteous diamonds, failed. However, it was later in the year, It wasn't 1880™s that scientists named Mr. James Ballantyne Hannay & Mr. Henri Moissan both began to have success in these trials. Their methods needed super-heating of the carbon and then making use of cold water bath to make the carbon to wither.

With time, innovations in technologies and better researches, quality and development process Synthetic Diamonds began to improve. Making advanced use of technologies, our company makes HPHT Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond etc. Laboratory is installed with all requisite scientific tools and instruments which aids in processing artificial diamonds with brilliance.

Reasons to Be Our Partners
  • We deal in a diverse variety of CVD, HPHT Diamonds, etc. Our lab grown diamonds contain zero nitrogen and are 100% clear.
  • Our company maintains stock at a warehouse in bulk to stay 24/7 in position to meet all urgent requirements.
  • We have associations with reliable logistics companies which aid in delivering products faster with no damages.